Restore. Evolve. Reborn.

Restore. Evolve. Reborn.

Classic Style & Modern Technology

The Hesp Originals E-Series has been designed to retain its classic and utilitarian character while using quality conversion parts of highest standard.

Our proprietary drop-in conversion kits are fitted by trained specialists with as little fuss as possible. These kits are current and compatible with all modern charging facilities, both at home and on the road.

EV land rover
Land Rover EV

Built with a Purpose.

Land Rover Plugin




By taking out old engines and replacing them with an Electric powertrain, you are not only introducing a new clientele to the experience of owning a vintage Land Rover, but we are creating a supply chain of old parts for people who want to keep their trucks as they are.

Doing an EV conversion doesn’t mean we are discarding old parts, it makes those parts available for another Land Rover to be brought back to life.

Our Partners

Our Land Rover electric coversions use the highest quality parts and products on the market from the following manufacturers:

Along with your EV conversion, we offer other upgrades such as:

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Hand Built.

Since 1948, Land Rovers have formed part of British heritage and agriculture. As a result, they are a true icon. It’s more important than ever to keep a classic Land Rovers running efficiently. An estimated 70% of all Series Land Rovers and Defenders ever made are still being driven today.

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